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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

“Data is as good as its user”

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Integration & Implementation

Why should your information systems socially distance?

Move and migrate to the portfolio of your choice with expert data integration and migration.

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Small & Medium Business Solutions

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Leverage big success for your small business with expert solutions and guidance

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Enterprise Development

Expert back-end solutions?

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Support & Training

Your organisation deserves forward-looking IT initiatives

Take your software to the next level with our level 1 and level 2 support

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Managed Services

Optimize performance and reduce costs with industry leading technology, functions and processes.

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Public Sector Unit (PSU)

Proud to add value to public sector units in New Zealand, United States and India.

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Protecting Your Business and Clients

In a world where technology is the backbone of business operations, investing in cybersecurity is not just a choice; it’s a necessity.

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Online Food Ordering and delivery system

Tracking food orders & managing products on sale was cumbersome and inefficient
A seamless web and mobile app that streamlined and digitalized food ordering and delivery.


Sale & resale of Luxury Cars

Middlemen, lack of transparency and inefficiency hindered effective sale and resale of luxury cars.
Customized and interactive mobile app allowed customers to filter luxury cars as per geographical location, seller authenticity and value for money sans Middlemen

online -event-management-system

An online event management system, integrated with a feedback system

Lack of a streamlined process for event registrations, management and feedback templates.
Developed a web-based application and fine-tuned it as a SaaS provider Enabled tracking options & automatic feedback links for live events.


Personal Health & Asset Tracking Solution for a Hospital

Inefficient monitoring of high value ICU/semi-ICU equipment costed time and money
IOT tags tracked high value assets. Automated systems alerted management when assets were taken outside the hospital premises.


Upgraded the Tech game of a leading energy & gas organisation

Inefficient data management & outdated tech infrastructure.
Developed a portal within Microsoft CRM for end customers. Customization and automation eliminated manual import of data and streamlined the process.


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