The Dream Team

A team of pioneers, visionaries, dreamers, industry experts, strategists and changemakers dedicated to solving your business pain point with innovative, intuitive, cutting edge and Covid compliant technology.

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Our Mojo

Deployed with expertise. Integrated with efficiency. Maintained with diligence.
The best of both worlds, technological and human expertise, power packed in one dream team!
Our programming languages understand your unique business language and our industry leading practices are the silver lining to your cloud systems and IT infrastructure.
EEC to use expert services Efficient. Experienced. Customized
Transform roadblocks into milestones
Contactless, priceless but not impact less!
We fulfil our promise, so you can fulfil yours

Industries we add value to

Over the past few years, our revolutionary and forward-looking technological solutions raised the bar across an array of industries. Our ethos and industry leading practices helped us establish a strong clientele across various countries.
  • Hospitality


  • healthcare




  • Food and Beverages


  • retail


  • energy


Why Logisoft?

We are your trusted partner first, expert later
360° management
Leave the day-to-day management to the experts! Do what you do best while we make your best better.
Niche and state of the art technology
Refining yesterday's technology, streamlining today's technology & pioneering tomorrow's technology.
Industry experts
Our experts adapt their grass-root level knowledge and domain expertise as per your requirements.
Timely implementation
Because no one likes overstaying houseguests
Cost effective
Reap fast and sustainable ROI

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